Lord Sudeley's new book - Peers through the mists of time - Observations on the Origin and Evolution of the Old House of Lords. More information to follow in the meantime the following is taken from the press release: Most of our history has been written by Whigs, absorbed by the increasing ascendancy of the House of Commons, which has left a yawning gap in English historiography. An important institution in its own right, the House of Lords has been overlooked. Of special interest to readers will be Sudeley's exposure of the Cranborne Deal in 1999 to spare temporarily 92 of the hereditaries. Lord Sudeley also makes the case for the restoration of the hereditaries. After all, it happened before, after the failure of Cromwell’s Republic, and it worked very well. The only other two alternatives are an Appointed or an Elected Upper Chamber. Both are unsatisfactory.

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